How funny thoughts can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Why could it be that once you’re driving and searching for an handle, You turn down the volume on the radio?

If you can resist dealing with a abundant friend a lot better than a bad Mate. If you can confront the earth without lies and deceit. If you're able to conquer rigidity devoid of professional medical assist. If you can take it easy without liquor.

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A holy male was aquiring a conversation Together with the Lord someday and stated, 'Lord, I wish to determine what Heaven and Hell are like.'

Do not concern to get eccentric in belief, For each and every impression now approved was as soon as eccentric.  Bertrand Russell

If individuals from Poland are termed 'Poles', why are not people from Holland named 'Holes?' You'll be able to find more about somebody in one hour of Participate in than inside a calendar year of dialogue.

When you have your image taken with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, does the dude In the costume smile for the camera?

Why do banks demand you an ‘inadequate money’ fee for dollars they by now know you don’t have?

"Dollars can not buy you pleasure... however it does convey you a more enjoyable form of misery." ~ Spike Milligan ~

Once your pet fowl sees you looking through the newspaper, does he question why you’re just sitting down there, gazing carpeting?

You've designed up a great deal of speed that you choose to HIT 70! Following that it's a day-by-day matter; you HIT Wednesday.

"Often I lie awake during the night, and I check with, 'The place have I absent wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This will almost certainly consider multiple night.'"

"I'm ready to satisfy my Maker. Irrespective of funny thoughts whether my Maker is prepared for your ordeal of Assembly me is yet another make any difference."

It is claimed that in the event you line up all of the vehicles on the planet end to finish, a person could be Silly plenty of to try and overtake them.

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